Books I tend to avoid reading

When it comes to reading and books, I am not a person who discriminates a lot among their reading materials and prefers a particular genre over the other. However, recently I caught myself steering away from a few books which had things in common, and the idea for this article was born. I mostly tend to gravitate towards books which make me curious enough to know what is inside the story, and here are some books which do not make me even the tiniest bit curious to explore them. I would like to say that I don’t mean offence to anyone who reads these books, this is just my opinion and no offence should be taken.

  • Books without blurbs: I am a person who judges their books by blurbs, yes I know how shallow that sounds. I shop mostly online and if there are no blurbs of the book which has intrigued me a little by the title, I will not buy the book without a little research into the content or I will not buy it at all.

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  • Unattractive covers: This article is not portraying me in a flattering light but I do judge my books by their covers. I am one of those people who will pay more money just to get their hands on the cover they like. It’s not my fault I want my bookshelf to look its best.
  • Vampire books: Maybe it’s the twilight phenomenon but I do not dabble in vampire related books. I feel like there are not many books which can capture the horror of the vampire cult and it ultimately becomes a love story which makes no sense. If there are books which can make me fall in love with this particular type, recommendations are welcome.


  • Sappy romance: I am not talking about the books which are literary gems and do not shy away from a sad ending if that is what the plot demands. I am talking about books which are sappy and force a happy ending on the reader. I am not huge on the whole romance genre, sorry.

So, these are some of the books I cannot venture into. What are yours?





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