Angels and Demons movie review

So I mostly make it a point to watch the movie after I have read the book, if there is an adaptation of the same, expecting disappointment, as does every book lover. However, with “Angels and Demons” I was surprised and a little happy to discover that despite taking creative liberties with the story, the book was given a small portion of its due respect. Dialogues borrowed from the book made my heart flutter with joy. The Camerlengo’s character was very competent and in keeping with the books. I would have
illuminati_diamond.jpgpreferred if his name was not ‘Patrick’ though!
Still being the nitpicker that I am, I would have loved to see the last cardinal die as it happens in the book, and I am well aware that this statement makes me sound like a sociopath. The Illuminati diamond in the last brand, if featured in the movie, would have brought great pleasure to the book readers. Moreover, the elimination and replacement of an important character Maximilian Kohler did not sit well with me, though his lines were executed beautifully. Apart from this, the thing which bugged me the most was that even if Langdon had the “key” to the security footage of the papal office, there is no motivation for him to get curious and rewind to the time the Camerlengo was branded, whereas, in the book the character who arouses this curiosity in him was somewhat credible, even if his motivation was his intense hatred towards the church and God. The Camerlengo died a disgraced man setting himself on fire without knowing the truth behind the Pope he murdered. His devotion to the church and orthodoxy followed by the descent into insanity and the path of crime he took, somewhat remained incomplete because of that. Also the movie miscounted the number of brands, which low-key disturbs our symbologist’s credibility to some extent.
My rating: 3.7/5
What did you think about it?

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