Hello everyone! I was facing a dearth of bookmarks as I had lost mine and was having to do with whatever I had lying around in front of me, from keys to pens to sticky notes. So I decided to make this awesome bookmark with some inspiration from Google.

This one is in the shape of glasses, not that difficult to accomplish with a little bit of patience.


So to make this one you will need a cardboard (I used an amazon packaging cardboard box), scissors and some thick thread or wool of any color and glue.

  • Cut out the shape of a pair of spectacles from the cardboard with only one side having the earpiece or arm as shown in the picture below.IMG_20170409_011744834.jpg
  • Next you have to tie the string of any color of your choice, tie it at one end and start wrapping it on the frame, not on the earpiece arm. To cover up the connector between the eye wire simply rotate the string and tie it vertically on the connector.
  • Then fold the earpiece arm behind the frame and repeat with the string on the arm as well. Be sure to tie up the thread on the fold so that the arm does not weaken and break.IMG_20170409_164751148.jpg
  • Paint over the parts that do not match with poster colors and let it dry for about an hour. The result will be a beautiful 3-D bookmark.

Alternatively, to save time you can just skip the thread part and paint the whole thing. I prefer my bookmark to not perish after 1 month. Also I have way too much time on my hand and love projects like this! 😀


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