The dapper intellectual of Harvard has been summoned yet again in his Harris tweed jacket and this time he is face-to-face with calculated terrorism by something that knocks the air out of his lungs quite literally, a few times. The Illuminati has apparently resurfaced after centuries and an impossible element is their weapon for declaring war on the sanctum of religion and the concept of God. A renowned scientist has been killed in the sanctuary of his laboratory for his invention of the anti-matter, an invention which can reunite Science and God, giving faith a whole new meaning; confirming the ‘big bang’. Far away in the Vatican, the Pope has died leaving the Holy sanctum empty and in search of a new leader, vulnerable to the chaos of the calculated terrorism.


To be honest I am a Dan Brown fan because his novels and their thrilling plots are always successful in pulling me out of my reading slumps. This novel is no different, owing to its plot twists and reveals. It is very surprising that just when you think the story is predictable, Dan Brown comes up with an unlikely twist that compels you to cover your mouth with your hand, in striking horror. I loved every minute of this book.

The book explores Illuminati and the theories related to it. The brand of the Illuminati is loud and clear but it is not the Ambigram which is the only thing captivating the reader’s attention. I would definitely recommend this to someone who enjoys an adrenaline rush. Enjoy!



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