Ceaseless Chatter of Demons- Book Review

‘The Ceaseless Chatter of Demons’ by Ashok Ferrey is a story about how a boy is constantly referred to being the devil, by primarily his mother, because he is dark and “not attractive”. His dual life of being torn between his nativity of a typical Sri Lankan man and his constant battle of leaving behind the life he once possessed and fitting into the London milieu.


The novel is written in a harmonious amalgamation of humour, sadness, wit and the writer Ashok Ferrey brings old tales of superstition and identity crisis wrapped in a fresh perspective. The book is very interesting and I actually finished it in one day. With humourous pieces of the devil himself entering the story and the “good-natured” mother eventually ¬†becoming an amusing parody of herself.

It also gives us an insight into the Sri Lankan society not very different from our own, full of superstitions and demons. These demons chatter and their chatter echoes long and hard after you have closed the book. I absolutely loved the novel and would recommend it to everyone.


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