Things you learn when you stay away from home

Throughout our life, we have all been the little baby birds of our parents and in an Indian family this feeling and treatment does not go away till we are forced to move out of our homes owing to a job or further studies. It is difficult for us to cut our ties to the familiar environment of our hometown and move in to a new place and not depend on our parents for every little necessity even when it is not that big of a necessity. Anybody who has ever stayed in a hostel or in a rent house on their own, learn a few things which really contribute to the development of their personalities later in life. Let us take in a moment to soak up the nostalgia of the bygone days or you can get ready to relate if you are in this situation right now:

  • Adjust:

Ours is a culture which has “adjusting” deep-rooted in it, whether it is a local train, a long journey or even staying away from home. When you live in a hostel, a paying guest or in a rent house, remotely related to another person living with you, the first thing you learn is people are very different in the real world. There will be people who will annoy the living daylights out of you and people who you will adore like your own, but one thing is certain you will learn to adjust with their preferences and also compromise on some of your own.

  • Being careful:

You might have been a slob while you were at home but as soon as you start living alone, as impossible as it may sound, you will be more than alert on the whereabouts of your stuff. You cannot afford to lose them because that would mean spending your precious pocket money to buy more of the stuff you lost and you will start questioning the intentions of other people, as much as you would hate to be judgmental.


  • Sleeping with the lights on:

Nobody will tell you this but once in while you will get stuck with a roommate who does most of their productive work at night or comes home really late. No matter the cause, you will develop an ability to sleep while the lights are still on and the person is working because you will be able to adjust according to the situation.


  • Tune out the noise:

Gone are those days when you could yell at your siblings for being too noisy because when you live in a hostel, a P.G or a rent house with another person, you can be sure that there will be times when you want absolute silence but the person or people living with you are absolutely ignorant about this concept and this is when you will develop the skill to tune out the noise, zone out and lose yourself in your work or sleep like a baby.


  • Taking care of yourself:

You cannot expect anyone to wait on you hand and foot when you are sick while living away from home, because that is pampering you receive only from your family. Be it menstrual cramps, a fever or a viral disease you have to be your own savior and stay strong and eat right to combat the illness. Roommates and friends can be a big help if you are really lucky but expecting them to take care of you like your parents would is a little bit of a long stretch.


  • Saving up:

You cannot go crazy with your money because suddenly you become mature about what you ought to spend on. You do not want to be broke and under debt because you could not take care of the money you got from home.

  • Scavenging for food:

Since you cannot spend all your money on junk food, therefore you learn to cook and if that is not an option you learn to explore your neighborhood for pocket-friendly eating joints. It only adds to your money managing skills. I also strongly recommend to girls and boys alike that you should pick up a few easy-to-cook dishes from your mother, because trust me, they will save you when you are on the brink of starvation and if you are living away from home that time is not far.


  • Embracing loneliness:

You will cry in the beginning when you miss home and the delicious food your mother cooked for you but slowly you will start to see that embracing this loneliness will open up a path for you where you will be able to explore yourself and discover new facets to your personality.


All of this really contributes to your personality in a great way and prepares you for the real world. Anyone who really wishes to be out in the world should try out living away from home because this phase in our life teaches us more than the protective bubble we like to keep ourselves wrapped up in.


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  1. It was a fun read! I would like to add that I found living away from home meant appreciating family a lot more. Like not having to worry about what you will want to cook for dinner every night saves amazing amounts of time!

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    1. That is very true.. I am glad you liked it 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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