Lose weight the right way

Come summer, almost all of us realize that we have been letting ourselves go way too much and becoming not only a couch potato but a burrito, more or less. This realization keeps eating away at us until we decide to do something about it and keep deciding for a week after that. Raise your hands if you too keep convincing yourself that you need to work-out but keep putting it off every single day. I too, have faced the “overweight” problem and let me tell you it is not that difficult to just do the bare minimum it’s just the starting off that takes a herculean effort. Let me guide you through a fairly simple plan about how to lose the excess fat and motivate yourself to get your dream body.

  • It starts in your mind: All the work that you need to do starts in your mind because as soon as you get your inhibitions out of the way, you can cut right to the chase. You need to take it seriously and start exercising the moment you realize you need to. Not only will this give you motivation but also cut down the deciding time and convert it into an effort made.


  • Know your limits: A little bit of soreness is very normal but if you have trouble getting up after you sit down, you need to tone it down a bit. What most of us fail to observe is that when we over work ourselves, the motivation is automatically killed because we tend to associate exercising with pain, giving us all the more incentive to avoid it like the plague. The healthy thing to do would be to go at a moderate pace and feel comfortable. If you do not enjoy it you tend to let go of it, like everything in life.


  • Problem solving: Do not run away at the sight of a little pain and soreness, you need to accept that it will go away soon and you will come a long way from shaking all over while doing a push up or holding a plank. I would also like to gloss over the fact that people who tell you that lemon and warm water reduces fat are absolutely right but what they do not tell you is that it tastes absolutely horrible and the first few days when you drink a glass of it, you will feel like puking your guts out. That being said, you should know that you can always add a little bit of honey to make you feel better. Find the solution instead of abandoning the concept completely.


  • Do not expect miracles: If you expect to have a six pack in just two weeks of intense exercise, you are in way over your head because unrealistic expectations will push you further away from your goal. You need to know that it requires constant effort to reach where you want yourself to be.


  • Do not crash diet: Suffice it to say that this is the worst idea you could consider. Crash dieting will make you weak internally and it will not be long before you will be in the hospital surviving on a bottle of glucose stuck in your arm. Take it from someone who has committed this catastrophic mistake, do not go crazy trying to lose weight. If you cut down nutrition which your body thrives on, you will regret it for days to come.


  • Set a regime: Set a proper time for working out or promise yourself that you will work-out at least once a day, and try to stick to it. You also need to figure out a proper set of exercises and not just jump around, because that will not give you the specific results you need. Unless that is what you want to do to just maintain your physique, you are golden.



  • Sacrifice: This is the most difficult part of any exercise regime and if you are a food-enthusiast like me, I can completely understand that craving in the middle of the night. The little incentive that you need to take is to introduce a little cheat at the end of every sacrifice. Sip a little bit of that soft drink instead of gulping down the whole thing. It is easier said than done but a little will power will go a long way.


  • Be consistent: I am sure you have heard of the example “If you push a car halfway up a cliff and let it roll down, it will take you twice the effort to reach where you were”. As clichéd as that sounds, some things are clichés for a reason. If you do get your dream body but let yourself go as soon as you achieve it, it will take you ages to get there again. If you have reached this far, it should not be such a huge task to make a little effort to maintain the results of your hard work.


In conclusion, I would like to say that you can make all the resolutions you want but unless you work on them, getting that dream body will not be a miracle you will see come alive anytime soon. So get off that lazy lifestyle and transform your life for the better.


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