Books you can read with your partner

The most beautiful thing of a relationship is that you can do everything together. Even the most creepy things which you would never imagine doing in front of other people, your partner has seen it all and still chosen to stick with you, no matter what. To a book lover or even casual readers, the most exhilarating feeling is reading a book with your partner. So here are some books, you can read with your partner:

  • Guillame Musso- Girl on Paper:


Ever wondered what would happen if the characters you were reading or writing about came to life and stood at your doorstep? This is exactly what this book illustrates. A wrecked writer, has the character, he created land up on his doorstep motivating him to write again. If your partner does the same for you, that is, lifts you up when you are at your worst, this is the best read for you.

  • Bernhard Schlink- The Reader:


Almost everyone has watched this movie which is so titillating to the senses. The movie which has Kate Middleton as the adult woman having an affair with the 15-year old German boy is a great read as well. If you think that society judges couples way more than they should, based on their choice of partner, this book is for you.

  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez- Love in the time of Cholera:


Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one consistent writer. The epic story of two lovers where they wait 50 years, nine months and four days for each other after the girl is forced to marry another man. If you believe that true love has no time limit and it will remain eternal, this book is a great read.

  • Scott Fitzgerald- The Great Gatsby:


All the fans of Leonardo DiCaprio have watched this movie based on the book. Still, reading the book would give you an insight into the beautiful details that were left out of the story. This book will teach you how to identify toxic relationships and recognize people who will stay with you till the end. Get it old Sport?

  • Leo Tolstoy- Anna Karenina:


It is a classic which is very powerful and is referred to as “the greatest novel”. A sophisticated tale of love and adultery, the base of the story line is not that unique because writers after Tolstoy have written numerous works along the same plot. However, this is worth a read because some classics do not need a reason to be perused by the curious reader.

These books will leave you mesmerized and perhaps even teach you a thing or two, to develop your relationship. So go ahead, make things interesting, literature-wise.


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