Being a broke bookworm

As I scroll through the Kindle app on my laptop I realise how much I miss the feel and smell of a bound book. Anybody who enjoys the joys of curling up with a book in their hands will realise the pain of settling for an e-book because your treasured books with their crisp pages could be the reason of you starving to death. Being a student on a budget, living outside my hometown has certainly hit my collection of books the hardest. If you are an over-enthusiastic book lover on a budget, you will certainly relate to the below struggles of being a broke bookworm, which are more or less stages of you being depressed because you could not buy a book.

  • The dream- You constantly keep scrolling through book related posts and add books to your bucket list and then, you become depressed because you have no money to splurge on the bucket list. Moreover, the scenario of you spending half your money on books, when you get a job is a constant idea in your head.


  • The compromise- Grudgingly you settle for the free e-book version of your book, all the while whining in your head about how great the hard bound book must feel like. You might also visit the cheap bookstalls in your city to look for your favourite books and decide to compromise on the quality because it is important for your sanity that you hold the book while reading.


  • Kindle- In the advent of technology, Kindle is more or less the next best thing to a book, and you sadly resign to the fact that until you have enough money to buy all of the books you love, you have to take advantage of the world at your fingertips; but that doesn’t mean you like it!


  • Sales- You live for book fairs and sales because it fills you with a warm fuzzy feeling of being able to afford a little more than you normally can. Book sales for you are the equivalence of free food, although nothing equals free food, but you get the gist.


  • The choice- Every time you decide to go out book shopping, you want it buy it all and stand gaping at the majestic glory of all that you cherish. However, buying more than one or two (or maybe, three) will mean that you might have to go without eating for a while which causes the extreme depression and you leave the third or fourth book you wanted alone on the shelf, and promise it that you will come back for it. That hits right in the feels! 😥


The final stage of depression rolls around when you finish reading the books you bought and now realise that you have to wait an inexplicable amount of time before you can hold your new books, smell them, hear the crisp pages turning and taking you into a whole new world.


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  1. themanwholovedbooks says:

    So relatable! This post popped up on Facebook when I searched for “Broke Bookworm”. Glad I’m not the only one who goes through this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I am very glad you liked it.

      Liked by 1 person

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