A writer should not be expected to do this

A writer is not an example of overnight genius; it takes a lot of perseverance to become a writer and even more, to become a good one. Having said this, a writer’s work is not always a cake-walk. When any writer accomplishes or publishes a piece of work, there are many expectations which come into consideration. But along with those expectations which demand to be fulfilled there are lots of things which are out of bounds as far as expectations go. Enumeration regarding these expectations is quite difficult because they are both good and bad in nature. Still, a rough idea is necessary because much controversy surrounding writers these days are more or else owing to these expectations. Thus, here are a few things which should not be expected from a writer:

  • A writer should not be expected to perform the same as a people pleaser, mostly, because he is not one. This sentence is not to be taken in a negative manner, but a writer should write what he feels passionate about and if, in lieu of pleasing people, his work is compromised then it really is not worth it. What matters at the end is the quality of your work.
  • To regard criticism as negative is one of the fundamental blunders a writer can do. Feedback and criticism are two sides of the same coin and they should be taken with a pinch of salt. A writer is not expected to lash out at people who critique his work and instead, use it as something constructive.
  • A writer should not be expected to be okay with taken for granted or forgotten because what takes us minutes and hours to read, takes them days to produce and actually construct it in a way that makes the work readable, so to speak.
  •  A writer should not be expected to work round the clock and should be allowed a little time to breathe and collect his creative faculties about him to help him produce better work.
  •  A writer is not expected to be unprofessional or engage in plagiarism because what he is copying simply as an idea must have taken days for someone to come up with. Plagiarism is not forgiven in the literary world.

The above is just a simple guideline of what a writer is not expected to do. They are the same for readers alike as books deserve respect, but what deserves even more respect are the writers who came up with them in the first place.


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