Growing up

Enough articles and alarmingly relatable memes and cartoons have slowly inched their way into the theme of quarter life crisis, so it is best to leave that topic to the experts to exploit. Growing up, you leave quite a few things behind which suddenly, one day, put you in an existential crisis but maybe that is the cost of exploration and experimentation. While we descend slowly into the downward spiral that is adulthood, a quick review of our lives wouldn’t hurt. The thought came to me late at night and it would not let me sleep in peace because I, like many out there started pledging to get my old life back, to devote hours to a craft project or get back on track with my reading. It is sad really how much we have to reflect into the rear-view mirror. The crisis and the fear of losing your unique personality is terrifying but what is more terrifying is the thought of staying closed in your little cocoon made cozy with things you once were, but may no longer be. Your thought process and priorities change and there is something liberating to be able to perceive this world and it’s wonders from your own perspective. The change might feel like a mistake now but everything happens for a reason, sometimes it may not be as pleasant as you want it to be. There is no such thing as a free lunch and the payment for exploration can mortgage your originality but the upside to this is, if you don’t like who you are turning into, you can choose to be who you want to, even if that involves going back to being the older version of yourself because growing up does not mean losing yourself.


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