The lesser known.

A writer is best known by his works, whether he be a beginner or a well-known writer. We, as readers, have put quite a few of them in the category of “well-known”, “loved”, “recognized” and even “extra-ordinary”. However, it also would not be a wrong statement to say that some of these writers are well known only for a select work which actually touched a chord among the masses. Most of us would not have read more than five written pieces of these well-known writers. So, here are the lesser known works of some of these writers which are equally consistent and interesting but do not have the same recognition as their “famous work”.

  1. A Gun for Sale by Graham Greene– While Graham Greene is well-known for his morbid portrayal of the world with reference to his trilogy consisting o1f “Heart of the Matter”, “Brighton Rock” and “The Power and the Glory”, this book certainly deserves more credit than it has been acquainted with. It ties in with
    Brighton Rock though the latter’s story is very different. Based in the backdrop of pre-World War II, this book goes on to explore a life of an assassin whose assassination of the Minister of war, brings in considerable tension of an impending war in Europe.


  1. Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s –Chronicle of Death Foretold– The “Hundred years of solitude” genius of a writer has not disappointed his readers with this book. The story of a newly-wed bride who is left by her husband and dropped home because download (5)of not being a virgin and the tale intensifying with her brothers setting out to kill the culprit who took her virginity, this book takes on a intense situation with bits of humour and wit which makes it a great read.



3.Joseph Heller “Good as Gold”– The writer madedownload (6) famous by his novel “Catch-22” is pretty consistent with this book too. The picking of government just as “Catch-22” picks out military is a good example of Joseph Heller as a consistent and talented writer.

4.Kafka “A Hunger Artist”– Kafka has left a considerable amount of inspirational as well as much praised work relative to his early death. The book explores the parallels between a man who has locked himself up in a cage and starves himself and a young writer suffering from TB. Like all works of Kafka, this one too, is a real page-turner and establishes once more Kafka’s credibility in literary geniusdownload (7).

5.James Joyce “The Cat and The Devil”– Joyce has been termed as being the most difficult to read in the literary world. With works like “Ulysses” and “Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man” Joyce has established himself as a challenge to book lovers everywhere. This book however, is a refreshing change from that challenge. The folktale facet of Joyce is evident and surprising, at the same time. Consisting of a Devil who builds a bridge for the price of the first soul who crosses it, it has the amusing Joycean humor and quips, in a Devil being cheated out of his bargaindownload (8).



These are only a few of the well-known writers who have not been able to get credit for works which deserve it. There are a lot of others, whose works did not quite touch the mark it was supposed to and who are famous only for a handful of work, while many others go unnoticed and unread.


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