The F-word

In today’s day and age, feminism is all the rage. Being a woman, I would say that it is the need of the hour. However, feminism as a concept has become more of a weapon than an ideology, courtesy to people who use it to get their way. Feminism, first of all, is NOT about male bashing; believe it or not, if you are a feminist you don’t necessarily hate men, shun the idea of marriage and the need of a partner to spend the rest of your lives with, not all feminists are Femi-Nazis. Not all men are dogs. Yes, the general idea of feminism is actually, if put into words, “a pledge for parity”.

So, the other day I had the opportunity to attend a semiImage result for pledge for paritynar in the American center here in Kolkata about “A pledge for Parity” where women issues were addressed. During the interaction session, a woman stood up and she said the most thought provoking sentence “We in an attempt to bring women to the forefront are actually denying men opportunities” and didn’t that strike a chord in everyone. People nodded listening to her anecdote about her son who was denied the position of class monitor because he was up against a girl; he thought it was unfair to let the girl be the class monitor despite both of them getting the same points. His mother, this lady, explained the cause of this was the discrimination women have been facing and all he could say was “but I didn’t do all that, why should I pay the price.” Men, have to work hard, because society expects them to be bread-winners.Women, no doubt, need the social acceptance because, even in the 21st century, a rape victim is not accepted as a normal human being images (15)

but how many of us know that men get sexually assaulted too? They are also a victim of gender discrimination, where dowry laws and rape charges are used to frame them and more often than not, proved; making them subject to a humiliation of crime they didn’t even commit.


Men don’t have it all laid out for them; being brought up in a patriarchal society, we believe men have it easy but when will be become mature enough to acknowledge they too, work hard to be where they are. They are expected to take care of everyone “mard ko dard nahi hota” is the phrase everyone is familiar with, maybe, they do feel the pain but cannot show it. Now this is not a sympathetic note to men or an attempt at misogyny. This is an attempt at parity, i.e., equality. Be a feminist; don’t bash men because men can be feminists too. If you want equality, ask for equality, not double standards.download22312


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