“And so Yudhishthira was allowed to enter heaven with his faithful dog”… Growing up, we have all heard the tales of mythology told by our mothers or our grandmothers.


But, in the new age mythology has somehow lost its hold among the children as “bedtime stories” are slowly being replaced by “bedtime video games”. So, the writers in the contemporary age have thought of presenting mythology to us in a new way.

Mythology has now been given a modern twist by writers like Amish Tripathi
have used their creative prowess to give us a logical explanation to popular
mythology. He has revolutionised myth by providing logic to it and satisfying
believers and atheists alike.



Moreover, we have had our very own television queen Ekta Kapoor try her hand at giving us a glamorous outlook of the popular mythologies like Mahabharata. From a buff Bheema to a somewhat young Bheeshma, we have seen it all. Animators too, are not far with shows like chhota Bheem and Arjun and childhood avatars of Hanuman, Ganesh and Krishna to lure children and inventing adventures to get children interested in a, somewhat, modern version of mythology.
Perhaps, it will not be too wrong to say they are the new age sage Valmiki and Vyasa; sure there are flaws in their twists, what with Arjun and Bheema being brothers and yet living in different villages; but I am sure we can ignore a bit of logic when it comes to our little ones.                   


The childhood avatars have undeniably become more famous than their adult counterparts because who doesn’t love an adorable little hanuman with a little tail coming out of his school uniform


                                                                       and a hip little Ganesh complete with a fashionable spikey haired Mooshak Raj and with Narad Muni diverting goons with his “sitar” as a “guitar” (return of Hanuman)


Well, in the present day and age writers and animators alike have tried to merge mythology with the present day to make it more relatable but, somehow, owing to competition in these various spheres mythology has become less compatible with what our beautiful mothers and grandmothers wanted to be the “moral of the story”. But all criticism aside maybe giving a new face to mythology will encourage our little ones to try and know the “real” myth, interesting oxymoron, isn’t it!


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