“Love”- such a beautiful word and the feeling of being in love is something we all experience at certain points in our life. When we love our parents, our pet, our relatives, our siblings, our friends….. But wait!  There is a catch! The concept of “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. Yes, I think you have probably guessed by now where I am going with this post. The relationship of a girl and a boy romantically involved with each other is still scorned upon.

We have entered the 21st century and still on valentines’ day a girl and a boy sitting and hanging out in a park are forced to marry each other. Society’s view on this “weird relationship” is highly varied. The very fragile and temporary state of this relationship is perhaps why the concept is Greek to the older generations. They do not approve of a boy and girl romantically involved with one another and then there are the youth-associated movies, so to speak, which have scandalized the parents with fears such as premarital sex and teenage pregnancy. But maybe just maybe have we ever thought they might really be in love?

This “love” is not recognised. It’s a waste of time.  An exercise in futility. “You should concentrate on better things” is the most common phrase we get to hear from parents who come to know of their children being in relationships. But why is the question I want to ask. Why? The feeling of love is beautiful. We see our parents express their love for each other in subtle ways.  Is it wrong for us to want that in our lives?  They are married so they are allowed to love but not being married… is that our crime? What if we want to marry the same person ten years from now? Will they disprove of it because it is based first on love and then on other things? Because the caste is different, the religion is different or the girl or boy is not a doctor or an engineer and doesn’t earn eight figures?  What choice did the couples who eloped had then?  Knowing they can’t be together with everybody’s consent. Yes, some of them are lucky, really lucky who get by without any drama and any scorns and unite forever but most unmarried couples have to face the scorn and disgusted glares of people even when they hold hands. There are no answers to the questions above. There will never be and unmarried people in love will have to face the same atrocities centuries from now. We will do the same thing with our kids. Yes, this is the bitter truth because love without “holy matrimony” is a crime. 


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  1. kamidipreetham says:

    Strong!! Ending was great!

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