To Mornings and Beyond

Majority of us admire the legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan but very few of us might remember his iconic dialogue from the movie “HUM” where he elaborates on the type of people this world is filled with, in his drunken self. Well, I’d like to slightly alter the dialogue by saying “the world has two kinds of people, the first are the ones who are morning people, AKA, people who love mornings, go to bed at 11pm or earlier, wake up by 5, jog, stay fit etc.Image result for jogging and sleepy people




Second, people who detest mornings like it’s their worst nightmare. They sleep in the wee hours of the morning and wake up in the afternoon and pledge almost every day to become a morning person.  So these are the people I prefer to call “Nocturnal creatures”. The textbook meaning of nocturnal is “one who is primarily active at night”. And these people have been rightly termed so.Image result for hate mornings

So with an imaginary drumroll I would like to present the characteristics you would be familiar with if you are a nocturnal creature or have a friend who is one:

  1. First the very basic point, their mornings do not begin before 11am and so they are often late to class, to seminars, to work or whatever requires them to be up before 11am; and on the days they do get up early, they are met with wide eyed friends and family and constantly asked if something is wrong with them.
  2. Yawning: This is the most common trait of a nocturnal creature who has to wake up early in the morning, they are constantly tired and yawning after every 15 minutes in class. And they have huge tell-tale dark circles, droopy eyes, dozing off in the middle of an important lecture or presentation. Moreover, they are constantly talking about how sleepy they are.Image result for yawning
  3. Sudden activity: The yawning goes on the whole day till the nocturnal is jolted awake by a topic of discussion where he knows something. A sudden surge of activity grips the person and he /she becomes the most active person in class but as soon as the topic of his/her interest ends, the energy levels drop and they cannot wait to doze off.
  4. Sleeping with their eyes open: Every nocturnal person has mastered or is yet to master this technique when the situation demands for them to be awake. They are sleeping with their eyes wide open. You may see them nodding their head but believe me, they are not listening to even a word of what the teacher/boss/authority figure is saying. They are dreaming and just pretending to be awake to avoid a sound scolding.

When asked about why they wake up so late the most common answer you can expect is “I was up all night” or “I slept at 3 am”. It is not their fault really, for nocturnal people, the night time is a time to be active and to focus.

Image result for awake at night



This is the time when their brain works the fastest and you can see them utilising their potential to the fullest.

5.Midnight snacks: Nocturnals are all too familiar with this to elaborate it for them. They are up almost the whole night and so the concept of not eating anything at night is Greek to them. Breakfast? What’s that? Let’s have brunch!

6.Stomach troublesdownload: The most problematic symptom of a nocturnal are the continuous stomach troubles they have because of eating at weird time intervals. Somehow their stomach doesn’t get the concept of midnight snacking! Why stomach why?!




7.Constant warnings: Every nocturnal is familiar with the constant nagging and warnings and wisdom imparted to them by almost everyone around them because of their sleeping habits, and it is a huge matter of pride for them that they have learned to tune them out.images (13)

Well, joke’s aside it is an absolute necessity for nocturnals to improve their lifestyle, but it’s not their fault at the same time it is just how they work, but a little effort would not hurt. That being said, it’s time for my midnight snack!  


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