Pitch Black

The scenery, the plains, the people… Ah! What a sense of wonder these things and many more bring to our mind and imagination. The various colours, the different textures, all so mesmerising. It’s a pity indeed how things are taken for granted. We wake up every morning and, admit it or not, expect the colours, the sights to be there. But what if one day ‘things’ are nothing but pitch black?images (5)

No, I am not talking about them disappearing or everlasting darkness in the world. I am talking about another thing we take for granted as we do with everything else- our gift of sight.It is indeed a gift to be able to see the wonders of the world and still crib and complain about it. Have any of us ever thought how the world would be without our eyes… it’s a horrible place to be in without being able to appreciate or complain about the wonders of the world. Let me give you an example, an anecdote rather,

“When I was in college in Shillong, I often heard my friends, and even myself, constantly complaining about ourselves; our hair, skin and the works. On one such occasion, while we talking in our honours class, the teacher not being there, constantly cribbing about stuff, no one noticed the girl who entered the classroom, stick in hand, feeling her way through the surroundings. She turned the wrong way and banged her head on the wall. It did not take us long to realise the girl was blind and on her way to class. She had, by mistake, entered into our class instead of the adjoining room. I was fortunate enough to hold her and escort her into her room and make her sit comfortably.”

I say “fortunate” because this incident got me thinking and shut my complaining up for good.It inspired me to appreciate whatever I have and however I have it,
not to mention my inspiration for this article. 

We, who have got this gift of sight constantly use it, or rather, misuse it, for ogling at other people, finding faults in how we or other people look, but that girl and millions of others like her, cannot even appreciate what we take for granted.So think, what if the world were to become pitch black for us? Would we appreciate things better…?  Maybe we should all stop and think for a moment before it all disappears, before our greatest gift disappears. Forever.  Into oblivion. Will things still appear so grim when they are nothing but pitch black?download22


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