Ambivert… you might be one!

So I am an Ambivert. For us it’s like being on the divider in a busy street they are stuck between deciding which road to jump on to. Life is a different experience altogether. We cannot decide whether we want to be interacting with people or running away from them. Loneliness is our friend and enemy at the same time. I am sure there are lots of Ambiverts out there; some don’t even know it yet.Image result for ambiverts To all you people who are not quite familiar with the term let me specify: AN AMBIVERT IS SOMEONE WHO IS NOT COMPLETELY AN INTROVERT NEITHER COMPLETELY AN EXTROVERT. I came across this term when I was in my psychology class in high school or class 11, as we prefer to call it; and for the first time in my life I could actually relate to the traits and recognize my personality and quirks, for lack of a better word. The thing with Ambiverts is, being part introvert and part extrovert we are subject to a lot of muddle in our lives. Here are some traits of an ambivert as experienced by me first-hand:

  • RELATABLE..MAYBE? Ambiverts have a hard time relating to and gelling in with people. And so they do not have a huge friend circle mainly because they get disillusioned with a particular company very fast.
  • FRIENDS FOR LIFE: If you can relate and win the heart of an ambivert you’ll be sure to find them by your side even 10-20 years from now. Even forever! They do not give up on people they love and adore unless their expectations with you fizzle out.Image result for ambiverts
  • TALKATIVE? I GUESS SO : If an ambivert likes you and gets positive vibes from you chances are they will talk incessantly to you but if they are disillusioned by you, they will not so much as utter a peep in front of you. Yeah! we can be the B-word if we don’t like you.
  • TROUBLE FITTING IN: The ambivert is never a standard and permanent part of a specific group. They will talk to everyone and interact with everyone. Chances are 50% people don’t like them but you’ll be sure to get a wide toothed smile from them every time you run into them and if you don’t smile back … well, remember what I said about the B-word.Image result for ambivert people
  • GOAL-ORIENTED BUT HONEST: Ambiverts keep to themselves like introverts when it comes to their personal life but they’ll be honest like extroverts when you ask them whether they studied for the test due next week, or whether they have prepared the project or presentation they were supposed to. They don’t deceive people. If they didn’t study they’ll be honest. No mind games there!
  • BASICALLY A LITTLE “WEIRD”: Ambiverts can appear to be interactive and friendly yet weirdly anti-social at the same time if you don’t know them.Image result for ambiverts


This is just a little glimpse of my own personality as an ambivert, exceptions are always there and people vary. So go ahead make one of us your friend and enjoy the confusion!


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  1. kamidipreetham says:

    Brilliant writing .. Would be more enjoyable with betrer pictures


    1. Thank u… Will do that 🙂


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