Of Books and Bookworms…

“The soft pitter-patter of rain drops, coffee or a nice cup of ginger tea in hand, the fresh smell, tingling every sense as you slowly take a sip and feel a sudden awakening, and your favourite book in hand” the above scenario is not unfamiliar with book-lovers everywhere.Image result for reading on a rainy evening

Books are our most loyal friends and they have, as Katrina Kaif puts it very eloquently in her movie “no complaints, no demands”. Books, be they in digital form or in hard copy always give a fresh perspective to our imagination. For bookworms, like me, everywhere books are their paradise. Let me tell you something about us bookworms: we have many kinds (species rather) there are the….

“choosy ones” they only read chosen books and will think twice before delving into any kind of books.Image result for thinking before reading

“The classic ones” who read only classics like Milton, Salman Rushdie so on and so forth.

“The gobblers” who gobble up every piece of good writing there is. I fortunately would like to categorise myself in that category. download.jpg

Book-lovers and readers are many but bookworms are very few. It is a pity that not many people appreciate the feel of a bound book. The crisp of the new pages as you turn each one is like music to every book lover’s ears, the pain when the book is even a little bit torn or damaged, the smell of a new book and the rush of adrenaline when you start reading the first chapter and the thrill of the climax is something incomparable to anything in this world. My world of books is Greek to my non-reading friends, my sister who does not even prefer light fiction novels and only reads “Tinkle”, and sometimes even to my parents. The love of books is so profound in me that I have also cried while returning from a book fair (which I visit every time) because I could not grab a second book.Image result for books and imagination

Unfortunately, the new generation hardly reads anything except for their textbooks which is a catastrophe in the world of the bookworms as their numbers are decreasing and there will be a time when we will have poorly informed generations because of the simple fact “they do not read”. A book has a different world inside it and hopefully our future generations will start reading more, be it in the swipe-able kindles and laptops and we will have generations of bookworms gobbling up books and living happily ever after.


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  1. Ayush Raja says:

    Me too… “no complaints, no demands”!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀 bhai ho after all 😉


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